further reading

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Online References:

Audio files from the American Front Porch Digital Library

De Re Militari

Girders (this unpretentious site is a veritable treasure trove of information on hundreds of people whose lives touched Richard III’s in some way)

Medieval Sourcebook

New England Chapter of the Richard III Society, American Branch

RoyaList Online: King Richard III

Richard III Society, American Branch

Richard III Society, Parent Organization

Richard III Society of NSW Australia

The Slandered King

The Society of Friends of Richard III

Some Authors of Historical Fiction I have enjoyed reading:

Rhoda Edwards on Goodreads

Gregory House (the author, not the TV doctor)

Susan Higginbotham

C. W. Gortner

Sharon Kay Penman (You can blame her for my interest in Richard III–Thank you Sharon.)

Diana Rubino

Anne Easter Smith

Brian Wainwright


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