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My journey to becoming an author is unusual, for since I can remember, I alwJoan Szechtmanays wanted to be an engineer, which I did realize. But unlike Scotty of Star Trek fame, my recreational reading not only consisted of technical manuals, but ran the gamut from science fiction to historical fiction, from texts on art to biographies. Until I read Sharon Kay Penman’s Sunne in Splendor and then Paul Murray Kendall’s Richard the Third, my mental image of this English king, was of the monster Tudor invented and Shakespeare presented. Not only did these books change my thinking about the last Yorkist Monarch, but I was so taken by his story that this dyed-in-the-wool technogeek felt compelled to write about Richard III.

Before I started on my novel, I dabbled in the world of fan fiction, writing stories for my pleasure about characters from my favorite science fiction show, Farscape. Then I discovered Richard III, and the rest, as they say, is history.

To make the transition to write about a well-known Medieval English King, I joined an online writing community, Critique Circle, and became a member of The Richard III Society, American Branch. I owe much to these two groups for their encouragement and technical help.

Richard’s story hasn’t ended with This Time; its sequel, Loyalty Binds Me is also available as a trade paperback and ebook from the usual suspects, and the third book, Strange Times is a work in progress.

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